Over the last year, we saw many projects taking form and shape within the Catalyst Ecosystem. Here are some of them, defining itself as an emerging network, based on human relation and trust. We see now, as the project matures and evolves, that a natural network starts to take place. Projects communicate, coordinate actions and collaborate with each other. Our mission, explore and maintain the network, facilitate communications and coordinations to explore the highest potential of human collaboration.





The Catalyst School aims to be a place not only to learn, but also to meet and interact with other community members. Actually, we believe that one of the best ways to learn is exactly by doing that: through open conversations, exchanging knowledge and having hands-on experiences on what it looks like to act in Catalyst as a proposer, a CA, a vCA and other roles that might come up. For that, the School provides classes and workshops during each Fund, open for everyone who wants to participate.

The community led Eastern Town Hall format for the eastern Hemisphere and local communities. Join a mixed east-asian community event and join language based breakaut rooms for the Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Australian & New Zealand Communities.

Gimbalabs mission is to mobilize everyone to develop tools and applications through a unique experience of co-creation that facilitates adoption of the Cardano protocol, reveals new possibilities, and ignites the public imagination worldwide. We envision a world where as many people as possible are empowered to solve problems using the Cardano protocol.

WADA gives voice and access to people of African heritage and interest by providing the tools to reimagine new socioeconomic models in a way that reflects local cultures, values and future aspirations. Although our focus is on Africa, WADA is an all inclusive organization structured to provide seekers with providers. This is done with a focus on decentralization, self-organization and distributed governance.



ADA Quest


Founded by stake pool operators that came together to fill a need in the community – a trade guild to represent and support Stake Pool Operators in order to maintain a healthy, secure, and decentralized Cardano network infrastructure.  

The free-to-play way to earn more from your gaming experience. Profit from gameplay performance and virtual creations.

With AdaQuest we are building the FIRST mobile classic fantasy MRPG Game in a world called ADA. Fully related game design to Cardano´s blockchain technology. We will offer the whole fantasy gaming experience, story, exclusively hand-drawn artworks, world and game design will be fully hand-made!

Community focused on digital entrepreneurs and freelancers focused on fostering mutual collaboration and the exchange of business value.